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Retrogaming Times Monthly #56 Published


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RetrogamingMonthly.jpgIssue #56 of the Retrogaming Times Monthly is now online. Highlights from the January 2009 issue include:
  • Classic Computer Idiocy - CoCo & TRS - 80 Fun
  • Apple ][ Incider - Donkey Kong & Pac Man
  • Old Wine New Bottles - Sonic Mega Collection Plus
  • The Thrill of Defeat - Catching the 1k Bug

You can find all these and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 136 months in a row! As always, you can browse through all the back issues of Retrogaming Times Monthly via their archives to get up to date.

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I thought the TRS-80 article was a bit much. Bordering on reverse fanboyism.

It wasn't nearly as bad a system as it's made out to be, I loved my little Coco 2.

So much so that I even made my own OS-tan for it.

I was considering writing for RTM again, but if that sort of attitude is welcomed, I think not!

Edited by zerodin
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There are some serious editing/proofreading issues in this edition. Sections of the Coco article are basically unreadable, as if the author's working notes had been inadvertently included, and there are a great many spelling errors. I hope this is just a bump in the road, and not a sign of things to come.

Edited by thegoldenband
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