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Shout Out the Arcade you grew up in.


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Hi all, glad to be on the forum Always love hearing people talk about those arcade's that gave them so much great entertainment as a kid or Adult. Here's your chance to give a shout out to that arcade even its gone today.( name and location) . If there is still 1 that is around today, please post it as i travel alot and am always looking for one to spend a few bucks at when i am away from home. If something simular has been posted before, my apologies in advance.







Arcadia - Square One Mississauga, On

Funland- Toronto, On

Gold Tips- Mississauga, On

Mickeys Arcade- Mississauga, On



Barcade - Brooklyn, NY

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I really don't know if any of the arcades I went to had "names". They were almost all little carved out areas of places with bunches of arcade games in them. Like for example during the Space Invaders craze it was just in a little hallway of the local stripmall had nearly a dozen space invader uprights in a row with a Star Fire and a Night Driver off to the side. Aside from that it was cocktails near the entryways of various stores. There were full blown rooms filled with arcade games and cocktails of course.. but I dont think they really had names or if they did, I didn't notice them ever :ponder:

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I grew up with the Gold Mine in Southlake Mall, Morrow, Georgia. Also spent some time and quite a few quarters at the Time Out (I think that was the name) in Shannon Mall, Union City, Georgia.


Then there was the Georgia Tech Student Center Recreation Area, where most of my spare change disappeared during college. Fortunately after a few months they started paying me to be there. Easily the most favorite job I have ever had.

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Time Out - Springfield Mall - Springfield, VA (used to play in there as a kid during the golden age).


THE BOARDWALK - ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (THE most awesome place I ever visited for coin-ops during the golden age).


My Family and I would go there for a week EVERY summer from 1977 to 1985. My Aunt had a home in Ventnor, just south of AC, which was 2 blocks from the ocean. The combination of the boardwalk arcades along with the casino arcades had almost every game you could think of from that era! I especially remember the summer of 1978.... As that summer, the AC arcades were made up of something like 80% Space Invaders! The arcades contained rows and rows of Space Invader machines. I NEVER saw any other game that proliferated arcades to that extent. Not even Pac-Man. It was like looking at a Midway warehouse of just Space Invader machines when you walked inside them, except they were all plugged in and powered up.


I played Exidy's Death Race there, saw the PSE Maneater game with the shark-head cabinet there....that boardwalk had EVERYTHING! I even saw machines there like Demon by Rockola, which I never saw in VA. It was an amazing place to visit during that time period.

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Here's a few I can remember from my pre-teen years in Houston:


Gold Mine - Westwood Mall, Houston, Texas. (This was probably my favorite arcade, it was around until the late 90's infact)

Aladdins Castle - Various Malls, Houston, Texas.

Castle Golf and Games - Houston, Texas.

Malibu Fun Center - Houston, Texas.

Games People Play - Houston, Texas.


Also, some hole in wall arcades in Houston at various strip malls.

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PLEASE anybody who remembers these in the Beaverton, Oregon area give me a shout.


Innerspace - The best, and a hotty by the name of Candy operated it.

Electric Palace - Great while it lasted, in the Beaverton mall.

Chuck E. Cheese - Hi Molly. Uncle owned the Beaverton franchise and she always hooked me up with tokens.

Malibu Gran Prix - Still going strong. but games most of their games suck now.

Wunderland - Still going strong, but caters mostly to little kid gambling (tickets).

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The Spa - Brookfield CT

Showcase Pizza / Rollerland - Danbury CT

Time Out - Danbury Fair Mall

All gone.


Went to as a kid and still go to now:

Quassy Amusement Park (but they are all ticket games now)

Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk


Found as an adult - The Fun Spot

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I was deprived as a kid. Grew up in the states til age 9 in 86, but folks didn't have money to let me plug arcade machines. Closest I ever got was after we moved to Africa (We lived in a 3rd world country north of Zimbabwe)... in Harare, Zimbabwe in the mid 90's. Arcade in a waterpark there had loads of vintage 80's machines. Even had an original Asteroids machine. Guess the guy who owned the place imported them from the states. We went down to Harare periodically and that place even more rarely, so I got to play about thrice. Now of course, Zimbabwe has gone to hell in a handbasket. I doubt that arcade is open any more. No-one has any money there any more. They just released a 1 trillian dollar bill. My heart breaks whenever I see the news about Zimbabwe. Going there was like a trip to the States; now it's a hellhole.


Fondest memory of that arcade is the Demolition Derby machine they had. It was a table top machine for something like 4 players. Man that game was cool.


Didn't play when I moved back to the states to boarding school for highschool. No arcades near me. Didn't own a console til 98 when I bought a used N64. After that, I got into gaming in a big way, but mostly on PC until recently.

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Rons Virtual World Before it went to the Crapper Tank - Thunder Bay Ontario.

Kind of Dingy loved it as a kid, played pacman lots!, Same with Tetris. And The Neo Geo.

I grew up in a diff time,:(


P.S. The place is pretty dingy now

If they go out of buisness I shall purchase their machines :D... i Hope

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Fernandez's Fun Factory in Oak Park Mall, Overland Park,KS. It shut down about 4 years ago - one of the saddest days of my life was the day I went to the mall and found it closed. It was like my entire childhood was wrapped up in that place and was replaced with a shoe store. They didn't even have a closing; they were there for over 20 years and the mall refused to renew their lease. I'm still looking for a neon "Galaxy" sign like they had there, if anyone knows where to get one. Others of note:


-Aladdin's Castle - Ward Parkway Mall, KC MO

-Block Party, Indianapolis, Indiana

-Student Union, Indiana University

-Louie's Lower Level, University of Arizona


All of these are now defunct. The student unions at IU and the U of A were revamped, and the others just disappeared.

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