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Vectrex no longer plays cartridges :(


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I took my Vectrex out of the closet for the first time in years the other night. I played Minestorm until my lives ran out, and went to bed. The next day I pulled out Hyperchase, put it in, and turned on the system. Minestorm loaded! I reinserted the cartridge. Minestorm. I figured it could be the game (even though it was perfectly clean), so I then put in Star Trek. Again, Minestorm. And before anyone asks, the cartridge is all the way in, I'm not an idiot. :) Any ideas how to fix this? Is this common?

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maybe some of the pins inside the cartridge slot don't have good contact with cartridge.


Try cleaning the slot. Use a credit card shape thin item covered with a soft cloth and clean thoroughly.

Also check if any of the pins seem to be bended inwards and try to get them out with a jewelers' screwdriver.


if nothing works and in case you can handle your way with electronics, open the console and check cartridge connection for bad soldering or damaged cables.

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Also check if any of the pins seem to be bended inwards and try to get them out with a jewelers' screwdriver.


I fixed a flaky Vectrex this way. I seem to recall opening the case to have better access to the connector, but I'm not 100% on that. If you can get to them from the outside, go for it.

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If it is not the Vectrex console connector itself, it could well be the game cartridges. If the Vectrex doesn't recognise the first part of the ROM code, it automatically boots into MineStorm.


There have been a few reports about this problem and typical solutions where the users blow on the pads on the edge connector of the Vectrex games cartridges (I've even seen a Vectrex owner blowing several times before getting the game to run, presented on YouTube!)

However, I am sure the water vapor and condensation from a human breadth will actually make the contacts corrode in time, making the problem worse over time.


Far better is to get a “cotton bud” and clean all the contact pads on each cartridge with a diluted alcohol solution.


More details can be found at http://www.gooddealgames.com/articles/Clea...Videogames.html .






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