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Secret new Atari console project

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That´s right... Atari died because Jag hasn´t had enough (good) software - killer apps... Why? Sony had 300 programmers... Atari... 5?... The pressure was very high... Today it´s hard to say what games will sell... but I´d bet on fun and party games like wii does, but with excellent networking support (which wii has not - at least not that support xbox360 and ps3 have). And sure that console would have some killer apps... must have games... I would say that you have to feed one or two flavours of gamers... not more, but at least one... the casual gamers would buy the console anyway as it is as fun as the wii, but for die hard gamers you have to make the platform a *musthave*... I´d count on online RPGs like WoW or a racing game league. But many ideas are possible (childs, adults, girls...). But the focus has to be on one... like snk did with neo geo and beat ´em ups... atari could today... there are enough people still buying consoles and many pc gamers are frustrated because games are not working on their system... Blu-ray is also good as piracy is on a minimum level this way... Also I would prefer making money through online services to selling as many disks as possible, as piracy will always be a problem! But both is important...


If one has the money I have the ideas ;) I have many concepts in mind for a good console and I am woking at a business where I see the market and it´s problems. I see what type of games people are willing to buy and which they are copying... but I do not have the money, nor the skills to do such a project...


The gp32 (or how is that nice linux console called) is nice to have, but not commercial... although there are a few commercial games for it...


That´s a bit of the idea I have of a new TV-based console ;)

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A new Atari console? Yeah right, WHAT ABOUT SOFTWARE???? Tramiel thinking, which led to the demise of the Jaguar was we have a fast car-hardware, but all we have is cheap gas-software! The reason Sony & Microsoft are successful today is that they don't do Atari screw ups!


Your right, but if its another flashback, infogames could just load it up with old preexisting games. They'd get a product that they could move a lot of units around Christmas with (with a little advertising and little effort) and we'd get a lot more Atari 8s out there.. which could lead to more being sold the year after... new users equals more support, new products, et cetera...


would also be nice if they used new chips that can be clocked higher...

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There are plenty of guys who really are like that. They have dodgy kit cars they think are going to change the world. The local news outlets eat it up too.



My favorite quote:

2 brakes, one for each wheel.


I think some of the original steering mechanisms for cars in the early 1900s used sticks.


I'd rather have a yoke. ;)

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