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Doris (1k) - 2600


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tiny and excellent! good work


Nice, good work. A back to the basics fun little game.


I was thinking Doris the Explorer, though. Looks and sounds more like Doris' older sister, Doris Day, any other Dorises?


OOPS that is Dora the Explorer. My Bad.

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I had a lot of time to play this game tonight, and have some suggestions:


* Make the player look in the direction you move it. I understand Animation would take up a lot of ROM considering you are shooting for 1K, but since the player graphics can be reversed by hardware, it would only cost you a few bytes.


* Make the hearts loose energy faster. All of my deaths were because of the moving platforms, maybe you can add a difficulty option?


* Make more than one hear appear as the game goes on (not sure if this is possible without a new kernel)


As I said earlier, I like it a lot so far!

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Nice game. I've never been interested in 1k games when you could just add more things and make it 2k or 4k, but I do understand. So my vote is for more options (yet keeping it simple) and making it a little larger.


Things I were to add if making it just a tad larger:


- Different sprite for left and right movement

- Animated feet moving

- Title screen



Things I were to add if leaving your game as is:


- Make the hearts lose energy faster as the game goes on.. all my deaths have also been from touching things.

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I love the concept for this game!

Only the Atari could have a game about a secretary with an Afro collecting Valentine's from her co-workers while avoiding the stares thrown by their wives :) That is very original and bad to the bone! Hats off to Seemo for this one.


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It looks great, I'm sure it plays well too. I love lead 1k.


I'm having an issue playing it, however. Moving left and right the character will jitter as I move. It's sort of similar to a jittery paddle. For example, as I move to the right, I will progress to the right, but I will jump back to the left about three times a second. Moving up and down is fine. I'm playing it on real hardware (I doubled the the bin to 4k and put it on a 2532 eprom). Has anyone else successfully got it working on an actual 2600?

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Many thanks to everybody :)


Here's an updated version


- the sound played when the heart is caught has been changed


- hearts loose their energy faster now (each level has its own rate)


- mirrored sprite when Doris faces left (thanks Wickeycolumbus :thumbsup: )


- @Vectorman0 : this binary has the 'padding' nops moved in the last part of the file, does it work on hardware ?




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I like the sound effects a lot better on this one :D


Maybe you could make the hearts move horizontally across the screen (difficulty switch candidate?).



Has anyone gotten 999 yet? My highest is 510.




seemo, you should release another multicart with Omicron 2K, Doris 1K, and Lead 4K. I know I would buy it!

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another update:


- the pitch of the note played when the heart is caught is now related to the hearts's energy (more energy-->higher pitch-->more points)


- before starting a game, you can set the right difficulty switch to 'A' and the hearts will move... vertically (again, thanks Wickeycolumbus !)





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The moving hearts are insane :D

Actually, I think it makes the game a little easier. You can mostly stay in one horizontal plane, and just wait for the hearts to come by instead of chasing them down. What would make it a lot harder, is if the hearts came up in a different spot every pass.

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