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Anyone tried the new R-Type XBLA game yet?


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when you're talking about the 3D mode, are you talking about the new graphics versus the 8-bit graphics? where you hit Y to switch between new graphics and old graphics? because the new graphics in R-Type I didn't seem particularly 3D. or is the 3D in the second game?


3D as in the polygonal graphical look. :)

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I was one of those people who picked up the buy.com deal....thanks onlysublime for the tip on that.



what games did you keep?


please tell me you kept Lode Runner! I'd love to try that online! I just wish there was more blocks per screen like the old days. The new view is just so zoomed in.


I did indeed keep Lode Runner, and am dying to try it. I'm really only stopping myself because I've promised myself to limit all other gaming (except Rayman Origins and/or GoW3 if split screen opportunities arrise) until I finish Mass Effect 3. A) I love that game and B) I really want to see the ending that has so many people up in arms. When I pop LR in though we'll have to get some multi going!

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Yikes! That was a bit painful to watch (the constant deaths I mean, not the video quality :D). The games require a heavy dose of memorization to be manageable.


What's funny is watching you fight the second boss in R-Type II, slooooowly crawling along every time you die. The game definitely wasn't designed to allow you to keep respawning at the boss. Makes you wonder why they didn't modify it to throw out some extra power-ups or something when you die (at least speed ups!).

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