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HSC Season 1, Week 8: Crazy Climber


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This week's game is Crazy Climber. All the flash and flair coming soon, but here's a link to the ROM:




1. 156,900 (cougar302b) [+11]

2. 89,650 (SpiceWare) [+10]

3. 87,950 (darthkur) [+9]

4. 76,600 (NE146) [+8]

5. 75,550 (Osbo) [+7]

6. 41,200 (LarcenTyler) [+6]

7. 36,100 (Max_Mad) [+5]

8. 25,950 (Kurt_Woloch) [+4]

9. 16,200 (aftermac) [+3]

10. 15,100 (rxd) [+2]

11. 8,200 (JellE) [+1]


Current Point Totals:


1. SpiceWare [63]

2. aftermac [50]

3. maximebeauvais [45]

4. JellE [40]

5. LarcenTyler [39]

6. Osbo [39]

7. Shannon [35]

8. Dr Galaga [17]

9. maibock [16]

10. rxd [13]

11. theking21803 [13]

12. Artlover [12]

13. Max_Mad [12]

14. NE146 [11]

15. Vectorman0 [10]

16. LaserHawk [6]

17. Mister VCS [6]

18. MrAtari2600 [5]

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call me stupid, but I can't figure out the controls! dang it...

it uses 2 joysticks, one to control each hand. For most MAME games I use a Flashback 2 joystick. For this game (and other two joystick games like Robotron 2084) I prefer to use a gamepad and map the 4 buttons on the right as the 2nd joystick as it's very easy to hit the wrong key on the keyboard in the heat of the game.


Keys (per MacMame) are:


.	E		I
.   SDF	  JKL


To climb the building you push 1 joystick up while pushing the other down (ie: E and K at the same time), then alternate (ie: D and I). You need to move both left (S & J) or right (F and L) to move the climber left or right.


Don't let a window close on your hands, you'll fall.


If you get hit by a dropped object and only have 1 hand on a ledge, you'll fall.


If you get hit by a dropped object with 2 hands on the ledge one hand will lose it's grip on the building.



If you have a game pad then hit TAB in MAME to bring up the in-game menu



Select the Input (This game) and hit RETURN to get to the Input settings.


To set an Input cursor up/down to the input, hit RETURN, then press the key or joystick button you want to use. On my joystick the normal joystick is the analog stick - I prefer to use the D-Pad, which is read by MAME as the Hat Switch. I also mapped 2 extra buttons on the joystick as Coin 1 and 1 Player Start so I don't have to use the keyboard to start the next game.

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I wasn't even aware there was an Arcade HSC. Sure wish I had found out in the beginning of the season. Oh well. What better game to start with than Crazy Climber, one of my all time favorites. I was quite good at this game in the arcade.





Thanks to Spiceware's info about the in-game input menu I was able to map out a second controller to mimic the original controller set-up. I'm using a MS flight stick and a CX-40 with the assistance of the wonderful Stelladaptor. This works pretty good for the most part. The main hassle is keeping the controllers oriented in the proper positions. Taping them to the desk really isn't much of an option. :P




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Man this game is tough. I never had the opportunity to play this one when I was kid. I don't recall ever seeing it in any of my local arcades at the time. Too bad because I think I would have pumped a lot of quarters into it. I remember playing Robotron 2084 for the first time and just being blown away by the double joystick control scheme. I'm sure that if Crazy Climber had been available when I was a kid I would have been hooked.


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I've never been able to completely figure out the controls. Even when I played this in the arcade when it first came out.....




It's quite easy actually. You just act as if each controller is one of your hands. Whichever way you move your hands with the controller the climber will do the same.

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Don't let a window close on your hands, you'll fall.


Actually a window can close on your hand as long as the other one is holding a ledge. :)


Crazy Climber is all about hand placement.. you gotta know where both hands are all the time. If you want to do anything (i.e. move left & right), you basically need to have both hands firmly holding a ledge.. that's about the bottom line.

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