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I absolutely hate Dr robotniks mean bean machine! (Genesis collection)

Crazy Climber

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I've been working on this trophy on-and-off for about 10 months now and can't seem to get it. I'll do decently at first and then Robotnik gets a massive combo out of nowhere and fills up my board. I tried using the save state trick, and maybe I'm not doing it right, so let me ask: do I make a save state before any beans start dropping and when I'm doing good? I've tried just about every trick online and have tried at least 300 times just in the past week. I spent 12 hours yesterday trying to do this and no luck. I have to be doing something wrong; I just don't know what. Can someone help me here?

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Make the save state right where you input the code to play the final level. And make it with the code already inputted but not yet entered so the randomizer will kick in each time and you don't have to re-enter the code every time.


Then, just keep stacking them and don't even bother to try to play right. I think I filled the right hand side of the screen first and moved towards the left as I ran out of space. After perhaps a half dozen reloads (It must be about 5 years now since I did this), the AI played worse then I ever could and I got some lucky combos (Without trying, I concentrated 100% on maximizing my storage rather than matching anything) and the AI quickly lost.


I think this, with minor variations, is essentially the winning strategy you'll most often see at achievement/trophy forums for this particular one (Not that I even care about achievements or frequent such sites, but once in a great while, I have visited for a tip or two when I'm having fun with a game and want to 100% it). I don't think it's very likely the typical player will ever get this one by playing right.


The trick for a normal player that isn't an expert with this game is to fight a holding action and let the AI kill himself.

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