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Have you ever bought a game just to complete a series?

Rhindle The Red

Have you ever bought a game just to complete a series?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever bought a game just to complete a series?

    • Yes, I've done it many times.
    • Yes, but only a few times.
    • No, I only buy games when I want the game itself.

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I know that I've got quite a few games that I have only bought because I'm buying the whole series. (Masters of Teras-Kasi, anyone?)


What about you guys?

House of the dead series ,though over several consoles,



HOD3/Xbox (1 of only 2 games I ever bought for this system)


HOD overkill/Wii

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Ah yeah...I do weird companies too like Renovation,Data Age,Psygnosis


Game wise:




Target Earth/Assualt Suit Leynos




Alien Vs Predators


Sreets of Rages

Splatter Houses


Phantasy Stars

Strikers 1945


Samerai Showdowns

Metal Slugs

It can just go on an on...

I cant stop!

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Yep, started on the Jaguar and got Bubsy, found out that was actually the THIRD game in the series. Bought a SNES and Genesis to get the 1st and 2nd Bubsy games (both titles for both systems) and then picked up a Playstation to get the FOURTH Bubsy game, Bubsy 3D.


I have also been collecting the first Bubsy game for the PC, looking into getting language variants, and other additions. And looking into slight variants of the games systems I already collected for (Mega Drive, Super Famicon, etc)


Just something fun to do. Really liked the Bubsy game on the Jaguar, found many didn't so gives me something unique to collect. :D


So yes, to complete a series, I have not only bought other titles, but other game systems as well.


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Yep, I have done it plenty of times for the Atari 2600. I bought Jr. Pacman just so I could have all the Pac-man games. I also bought the Coleco and Atari made versions of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. Same game just by different companies. Also bought all 4 Star Wars carts just to complete the series. And I have done this with companies as well. Mainly doing this with Tigervision, Activision, Sears, Mattel, CBS,and 20th century fox.

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Yes, I bought all the Sonic games for the Genesis/Megadrive. But I spent little time playing most of them. Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball ended up being my favorites.


I did the same thing on both counts, but got the CD and 32X titles as well.


Got all the Star Wars games for SNES, as well as the Donkey Kong Country games.

Had to have all the Super Marios for NES. There were other game sets I retardedly bought all of back then as well.


Did that a bunch in the past when I had my insane collection. Now I'm just on 2600.

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Gee i guess I took this one literally. What I mean to say is buying a game and not really caring for it. Like some of the batmans on the playstaion. But if I were to say what others say to complete a series. I loved the turtles on the original nes and still do. I bought all of them including tmnt tournament fighters which is fairly collectable. I Bought the marios, sonics, donkey kong countries though I have yet to get through the first one. I love other series its just not that I am into buying the other title because I like playing the older games. So I have yet to finish Resident evil and mega man series both of them I really like.

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Far Cry 2.


I'd been given money to spend on a Birthday present and as it happened, I was anticipating the release which was a few weeks after.


I'd even bought a new graphics card so it'd run well, and eventually scored the game a day before it was supposed to be allowed to be sold.


Big mistake. 5 minute bullshit intro that you have no way of skipping. The game itself is just repetitive and boring. Sure, it's got a few nice features but nothing much in the way of retention value.


In the end I probably spent more time playing around with the Level Editor than the game itself, and stopped playing it completely probably 6 weeks after first installing it.

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