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Well, I've gone and done it - I bought a Vectrex

Ian Primus

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i figured it was Big Fun, and they are often overpriced.


thanks for the tip on the store, i didn't know about it.


Big Fun is overpriced..But they got G1 Transformers & Voltrons....10+ Years ago they were great, decent prices even gave ya a good buck for trade ins.

I remember trading in a OK loose Megatron and Good Prowl & Bumblebeefor a Perfect Shockwave & Starscream. Or buying a complete Soundwave for $45 even came with rampage & frenzy. Good deals back then.

Check ourt VGC I told him you were interested. Ask to see the owner. Let'em know that Jay sent ya.

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Well, my Vecrex came in yesterday! I spent pretty much all night playing with it after I got home from work. VERY cool system, the vector graphics are really great. My only gripe is the controller. Partially, it's the design, you have to swing that analog stick pretty far to register, since the games don't actually take advantage of the fact that it's analog. (i.e, pushing left moves you, pushing farther to the left doesn't move you any faster). Partially, my frustration was with the fire button (Button 4) on my particular controller. It sticks, and you have to press it pretty hard for it to work. And, the controller doesn't come apart easily, since you have to somehow remove/cut/poke holes in the plastic overlay sticker on the top of the controller.


So, I hacked up a Sega Genesis controller to work. MUCH better. The built-in game Minestorm suddenly became much more fun. Star Trek is playable, and a great deal of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend a Genesis controller for the Vectrex. The standard three-button Genesis controller technically has four buttons, if you count Start. It works out perfectly to replace the four button Vectrex controller. Note that you can't just plug it in - you have to modify it internally.


I mean, it's not that the Vectrex controller is terrible - it's actually fairly good. It's just that the Sega controller is better, and gives you a much more precise response in the games than the analog control stick does. That, and I foud that I tended to want to hold the Vectrex controller like I would an NES controller, controlling the stick with my left thumb, and the fire button with my right thumb. But the three other buttons become very difficult to reach - and you need two of them in Star Trek to quickly raise your shields or lock onto the space station. The only way to easily reach all the buttons is to hold the thing flat on the table, like an arcade stick - but that becomes kind hard to control too, and in my case, I had to bang on it pretty good to get the fire button to work - whereas pressing firmly with my tumb worked OK when I held it the other way.



In any case. Fun console.



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I mean, it's not that the Vectrex controller is terrible - it's actually fairly good.


Yes, especially since you're talking about a 25 year old controller, more or less. I never had a problem with the joystick or any of the buttons EVER. They're a bit different when you have all the age applied to them.


Glad you got one though :)

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I really need to hack up a genny controller for the Vectrex.

I kinda like the Vectrex controller, but I don't seem to ever pick up the OEM controller since I hacked an NES controller (2 into 1, actually) to work with the Vectrex. If you can handle the tedium of hacking up the plastic to add two regular buttons instead of the little nubs and rebuilding the insides completely, it's a really nice controller. I need to try my luck with a "GamePad Pro" I have laying around here somewhere since it has 4 fire buttons to begin with.

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