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Arlington, TX -Combined Retro Tech and Vintage Computer Fair


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Arlington, TX -Combined Retro Tech and Vintage Computer Fair




I plan to be at this fair to set up an Atari display.


I will have items to sell.


But more importantly I will also have an Atari 7800 (CC2 with hundreds of 2600/7800 games to try), my Atari 800 (with a flash solution with hundreds of games) and possibly a Jaguar (again, flash solution, about a hundred games to try) :P


So if in Texas or swinging through, I hope to meet you there.





The Arlington Museum of Information Technology (AMIT) is sponsoring the first annual Vintage

Computer Fair Light - South to be held in conjunction with The 15th annual Antique Science &

Retro-Tech Show And Swap Meet. The combined event will be held Saturday, March 14, 2009 at the

Ramada Hotel, Irving, Texas, 4440 W. Airport Freeway. from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Admission is $5.


AMIT Director Gil Carrick said that this combined event should attract many visitors who are

interested in displaying their vintage computing artifacts or in buying, selling, swapping or just

seeing these artifacts. Vintage Computer Fairs have been held in other parts of the country, but

this will be the first one in the South. Since this is the first of these events in the region, it

will not feature any speakers and will only last one day - hence the term "lite."


Antique Science & Retro-Tech Show And Swap Meet organizer Skip Solberg said that for a decade and a

half the event has been a favorite spot for fans of this antique gear to show, sell and swap their



Visitors interested in displaying or selling should contact Skip Solberg at 817-994-9213 or email

solberg2@airmail.net for pricing and availability of table space.


If you'd like more information about the Retro Tech Meet, or to talk with Skip Solberg, please call

817-467-0368, email solberg2@airmail.net or see the web site at



If you'd like more information about the Vintage Computer Fair, or to talk with Gil Carrick, please

call 817-994-9213, email amit@tx.rr.com or see the web site at http://amit-tx.org/.



A. G. (Gil) Carrick, Director

Arlington Museum of Information Technology

1012 Portofino Drive

Arlington, TX 76012

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