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Is this for real?


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Hello, I recieved this email in my inbox this morning. I have been an ebay member for about two years, and do not undertand whay thay would send me this. I have heard of a fake paypal scam, in which users were sent a very simmilar form to fill out with their pirvate info. Note: I am not registered as a seller, only a buyer, and have not had any trouble with my account. Is this for real???



Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by (eBay) on Tuesday, September 17, 19102 at 11:30:01




Dear eBay User


You received this email for one of the following reasons:


1. When you created your eBay account, you accidentally hit the back button, and the information was lost and not stored.


2. You lost your internet connection for a moment and none of the information was submitted.


We are sending you this email to inform you of the errors we saw and to have you submit your information again. Please be sure to fill out all the required fields as we have changed our site a little bit for verification purposes. YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED for resubmitting this information. If you do not send this information, your account will not be verified, and you will not be able to use the type of services eBay has to offer. Please connect to our direct site for an absolutely secure server - http://www.ebay.ac


Thank You,

eBay Services



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Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by  (eBay) on Tuesday, September 17, 19102 at 11:30:01



I think there's your answer. A lot of spammers and crooks start off with this crap 'result of your feedback form'. You never submitted a form so it seems pretty fraudulent. If it was really from ebay they would also give you instructions on how to change your profile through their main site and not just direct you to a link.

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