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Infinite Bits Gaming Convention (Miami, FL)


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Well, it looks like there's a gaming convention going on down here in Florida. It's called "Infinite Bits" (as stated in the topic title). I learned of this when I stopped by S&F Video Games (which moved to Orlando Ave./US 17-92). The convention runs the weekend of October 23, and will be held at the DoubleTree Miami Mart Hotel and Convention Center down in Miami. Here is the link for the convention Just about every form of electronic gaming from the Atari days to the current-gen will be available. If any of you want to set up shop, contact 'em because apparently the lady who runs S&F said they could use vendors.


I know I'm going.

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Hi everyone, I'm Mari and thanks for the interest in Infinite Bits!


We're really excited about our event this October, featuring our Interactive Video Game Museum where you can trace the path of video game history from it's simplistic beginnings with Pong and the Atari 2600 all the way to present-day graphical powerhouses like the Playstation 3. Showcasing almost 50 different systems, arcade machines, store demo kiosks and other rare video game hardware, this is one museum where playing is encouraged.


We'll also have:

The Frag Zone - 32 networked Xbox 360s and nothing but the hottest games, sponsored by SFX-360.com

The Arena - Sponsored by Destructoid.com and featuring the best fighting games of the past decade

The Party Room - 10 player Bomberman and other games for all ages

Video and Panel rooms - Featuring continuous video game programming all weekend

Rock Band - Freeplay and tournaments located on our main stage



Not to mention, we'll have lot of tournaments! Compete for prizes in Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Call of Duty, retro competitions and more!


If your joystick hand needs a rest, visit our Dealer's Area, where you can purchase the latest and greatest games, or try and hunt down that one retro classic to complete your collection.


Table-top gamers won't feel left out either! GXE Entertainment will be hosting a variety of pen and paper, collectible card, and board games.


There's so much to do at Infinite Bits, it's a good thing it's 3 days long! Pre-register today and save $10! Make sure to visit our website to find the latest convention news, chat with other gamers on our forum, and find out what other gaming events the Infinite Bits crew will be attending.


As the con draws closer, we'll be announcing more events and guests. I hope to see you all there! :D

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Just got back. I was pleasantly surprised. Really nice turnout for a first time event. Got to say hello to Ben Heck of benheck.com and watched Walter Day (Twin Galaxies)& Billy Mitchell in a Q&A session. Took the wife and kids (7 & 8 years old) and they had a blast. The only downside was no Atari for sale (except a few common carts) nor, sorry Jose, a Ultravision game center system.


But all in all we had a great time.

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