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Does $6.75 seem like a lot to ship 4 boxed INTV games?


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Assuming these are being sent via USPS Priority Mail, it may not be out of line. This would definitely be over a pound, and that brings you into zone-based calculations, which is new for Priority Mail. Depending on how far away you are from the seller, Priority Mail can be very expensive. You can use this rate calculator to figure out how much it should cost, assuming you know where the seller is located. I'd say those games would come in under two pounds, but could be three depending on the packaging.



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It's funny you mention that amount. I won some loose carts from a person on eBay that stated "actual shipping charges, delivery confirmation & $.50 handling." The seller gave me a quote of that same exact amount!


I asked them for their Zip Code so I could check my "actual shipping charges" at the USPS website. The seller avoided the question and did not provide their Zip Code. He/she also replied rather rudely that the auction I won wasn't worth their time and effort.


I replied that I think I am entitled to check out my shipping charges and again I need their Zip Code to do so.


The seller emailed back that it wasn't worth his/her time and the auction is now "terminated."


In my case, I think the seller was being greedy. He/she was asking for a $.50 handling fee and probably inflating the "actual shipping costs."

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Shipping is way out of control on ebay and such. People actually charge 10.00$ to ship a small wrestling figure that weighs waaaaaaay less than a pound, and they insist that it costs that much for shipping and "materials"


In my opinion, i think that 6.75 is too much, maybe 5.00 or under it should be. I ship often myself and to me that does seem like too much.

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I just shipped 3 boxed Mythicon games without any nonsense like insurance and delivery confirmation from Sunnyvale, CA to Atlanta, GA and the cost was $5.75 so it is reasonable. Mind you I only charged $4.95 because that is what I estimated and put into the auction description.


So there ... :roll:

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