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Cleveland, OH. CCAG Sat. May 23, 2009


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Here's a few YouTube Videos I just uploaded. Pics may take a couple days to get on the CCAG site so enjoy these for now. Sorry if its a bit blurry, its a new camera to me. Mike : )






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This was the second time I went (first time last October) and I had a great time. I wish I knew how to recognize some of you. I'm sure we probably traded comments once or twice about all the cool stuff laying around. I got an odyssey 2 and 8 carts ($15) and a bunch of other carts I "needed". Too bad there weren't any coin-ops this year (or I missed them); at least there was a pinball machine and a bowling machine in the restaurant/bar.


By the way, I got a HUGE plate of nachos that was delicious, and a very large $2 beer for lunch. On the downside, nobody I talked to in the bar was there for the game show. Don't any of you folks drink beer anymore?


I was surprised the three Vectrexes (Vectrecies?) stayed unsold as long as they did.

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