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Hacking Journey Escape Music..


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Wonder if it's possible to hack the music in Journey Escape to resemble a melody from my friends band somewhat? Heck, I'd pay someone to do it if it could be done.


There is a single stretch of memory holding both tunes...2 data tables for each. They each start with zeros as delimiters. This span is $FB66 to $FBFB. $FB66-$FBA6 = background notes, $FBA7-$FBD7 = foreground notes for the main title (Don't Stop Believin'), followed by $FBD8-$FBEC = background, $FBED-$FBFB = foreground in-game. The program uses the same decay for all of the main title foreground notes to "simulate" a piano (this is handled by the loading routine), so the type of music would be limited unless that is hacked too.


BTW the tables are read in reverse.

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