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I know some Vectrex fans here never visit rec.games.vectrex and prefer to get their Vectrex information via AtariAge. Just announced at rec.games.vectrex is a new website for the Vectrex. Please seem the message I copied below:


Dear Vectrex Enthusiasts,


in the last month I have spend some nights to set up a page about the

greatest home arcade ever, and because you are the ones that keep the

Vectrex spirit alive I like you to visit:




I have collected Vectrex facts and data from several places around the

web and maybe you find some your originated. Credits have added for

the essential sources. The page has various sections:


Vectrex System

Vectrex Games

Vectrex History

and Vectrex Links


The 3D Imager and Light pen are also featured but I would be thankful

for more detailed informations. Also photos of prototypes and homebrew

projects are very welcome.


To anyone directly or indirectly involved in the development of

Vectrex in the 80's, please feel welcome to share your experiences.


The museum page is meant to be an educational tool, therefore I am

looking for Vectrex information sources (especially primary source

information) whether it be from letters, magazines, pamphlets or other



If you are a programmer you can help us by sending additional data and

tutorials for the coders pages in the System section. And if you are

still looking for Vectrex collectibles the page offers a "Last Minute"

RSS feed - for items listed actually at eBay US.


Please have a look to the museums page and if you like it I would ask

you to add the banner to your page because the museum is the newest

kid on the block...


Happy vetrexing today!


Oliver in Berlin

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Nice look and layout to the site, a minor quibble though : the minicade isnt a homebrew cabinet, it was a production run by a third party for coin-op use. I have one myself and know of at least 6 others.


Ah, you are one of the lucky few who posses such a minicade.

Actually, you are 100% correct that the minicade isn't a homebrew cabinet. The one in the picture does indeed look like an orignal minicade. But the caption underneath alludes to Rudy's homebrew effort.


You can find out more about Rudy's repro minicade at the following link: http://rudtherud.ifrance.com/index.html.

It looks unfinished in the images on his website, but Rudy informed me that he had finsihed it. The most obvious difference between the original minicade and Rudy's minicade seems to be the location of the red light and the height of the coin insert.


So to vectrexmuseum.com author Oliver, if you can remove the text "homebrew cabin by Rudy Dobrzeniak" or swap the picture with a picture of Rudy's minicade that would make for a more accurate fact.





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Wow, that repro cabinet is insane, I had actually heard of John Hardy building one and I think some people more or less rebuilt the water damaged ones found in the midwest. The first minicade was found around Boston and then sold to a French collector, I found the second and third ones. The attention to detail in that repro is amazing yet he misses some fairly major things, kind of a weird result. To go to all of that trouble of building one only to miss the right color t-molding and font.

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thank you for the compliments! I am still working on the page, this weekend I try to finish the VecNews area.


Can anyone tell me where the Vectrex Prototype (SW and Color) are actually stored?

I know that Jay Smith donated the original "Mini Arcade" 1982 handmade prototype and the later Color Vectrex Prototype to the CGE museum (Classic Gaming Expo Museum). Are they still there?


greetings from Berlin



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VecNews area open to the public :-)





Dear Vectrex Enthusiasts, here we go - a news area for Vectrex related News: VecNews


VecNews Categories


VecWorld - News around the Vectrex World


VecUpdate - Related to the Museums Page


VecLaunch - Vectrex Game Development


VecBay - Collectibles now at eBay


If you are working on a Vectrex game or hardware project and there is an important update,

please contact me so I can post your news on the VecNews page.


VecNews RSS Feed


Stay updated on new additions to the page and Vectrex related news around the world. By using RSS you can see when new content has been added to the museums site. You need to bookmark the RSS or you can add its address to your RSS-Reader:



The latest VecNews:


Vectrex Mini-Cade Data Recovered




Before the Mini-Cade was discovered, it was rumored to exist as several people reminded an arcade cabinet in the public areas playing Minestorm. This could be the system they saw. There are seven systems known to exist. Two systems were found in the Massachusetts state.


The Minicade is a table-top arcade system that was built in 1982 by a society named ESI in the Boston area in the USA. The Mini-Cade is interesting for the Vectrex collectors because it's built arround a vectrex system. It's like if the Vectrex system was taken back to its original roots: after all, the Vectrex was made to bring home the arcade excitement.


Many thanks to the owners Nico and Chris for offering photos and informations!


Read the Mini-Cade Article in the System Section


Have fun reading! Cheers, Oliver

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Hey here's a Vectrex question, maybe someone here can verify?

I was watching that Will Smith movie last night "The Pursuit of Happyness" which, as we know, is set in 1981. About half an hour from the end of the movie, there's a scene where he and his son go to an electronics store to buy a bulb for the scanner he is selling. In that scene, he buys the bulb and turns to his kid to say we have to go and the kid is playing something that sounds a lot like a Vectrex. It sounds to me like Minestorm is the game he is playing. Unfortunately it happened so fast and the game machine seemed a bit blurry I couldn't verify it.

Am I right?

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