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Mystery Activision Cart!


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It's time for another mystery cartridge contest!


A couple of years back, I found a labelless Parker Brothers cartridge while thrifting, and decided to make a contest out of it. To the surprise of no one, the cartridge turned out to be Frogger, but I digress...


Now I have a Mystery Activision Cartridge. I have not plugged it in, so I have no idea what it is, except that I know it ain't Frogger! Maybe it's Pitfall!, maybe it's Kaboom... or maybe it's Rampage or Space Shuttle! Possibly, it could even be one of the Imagic games reissued by Activision. Whatever the game may be, now is your chance to guess!


The rules are similar to those for the Parker Bros. contest, but I've made some tweaks:

  • One guess per person.
  • When I reveal what the game is, the winner will be drawn randomly from the list of those who guessed correctly.
  • If the game is rarity 5 or higher, the winner gets the game! If the game is rarity 1, 2, 3 or 4, the winner gets the game plus one additional game of their choice from those I still have for sale, up to $10. The additional game doesn't have to be an Atari 2600 cartridge, and doesn't have to be a loose cartridge.

If you're a long-time collector missing only River Raid II to complete your Activision collection, make that your guess. If you're a newcomer with plenty of holes to fill, guess something like River Raid or Laser Blast, and you just might score that along with another game to help build your collection.


The contest is on now, and will run through Friday, April 3 (post before midnight, Central time). On Saturday I will reveal the game and declare the winner!


Again, one guess per person. You can change your guess as often as you want, but make sure your mind is made up by Friday!


Thanks again to everyone who has bought stuff from me, and wished me well while I was on the job hunt. Good luck!

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