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That one 2600 game......


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What is that one Atari 2600 game you have been meaning to pick up but just have not yet?


Mine is.......H.E.R.O. from Activision so now if i can stop buying PC Engine games i will get around to getting it lol. :)

Any chance you might be going to Pinball at the Zoo this year? I might have an extra copy of HERO with the manual I could bring with me. :)
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Sorry guys, I had to re write the post. I'm at work on an iPod touch, so I had a lot of typos, I tried to delete it but couldn't, so I did an edit and wrote this instead. The one below is fixed up :)

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Beat em and eat em and bachelor party. Lmao. I have always thought that was funny since I saw them at zerns in gilbertsville PA five years ago before I even started collecting for the atari 2600. How someone can get aroused by this is beyond me, but it's still funny as hell. Besides I need them for my collection of paddle games.


So, if anyone has one of them or both of them Loose i will take them off your hands if the price is right. I'm not lookin to spend 99$ each like the dude on eBay is asking. It don't need anything extra, just the loose cart

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