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Who owns a Stunt Cycle or Atari Video Pinball console?


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I've tried to get a Stunt Cycle a few times, but they just aren't real cheap and I am. :)

We spent hours upon hours playing Stunt Cycle at the Azevedo's house when I was a kid. Nostalgia I guess is the only reason I want one. I can still smell the slight waft of smoke and feel the warmth from the wood-burning stove keeping us warm as played Stunt Cycle and 2600 games on winter days.


Hmm...I wonder if I could find somebody willing to trade a Sears Heavy 6'er for a Stunt Cycle? :ponder:


How is the standalone version of Video Pinball? Is it at all equivalent or parallel to the 2600 version?

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I have the Sears version (Pinball Breakway). It's actually a lot different. It has a few variations of Breakout, its own version of Video Pinball, and a variant that combines the two.


I bought both new on closeout from JCPenny in 1979 for $20 each. Sold both in '91. Then just had to get them back .. Bought Stunt Cycle off eBay years ago .. and I have picked up three Video Pinballs at shows.


One was broken so I gutted it and modified it to make it a pinball controller for other games and systems. I replaced the pong pot on top with a driving spinner with pennies hot glued into the black knob to make it work with the Vectrex Tempest clone and other spinner games.



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The physics of the Stunt Cycle arcade game are much better than the home unit. The home unit has the cycle go up, float, and go down for the first few jumps. There are trippy sound effects by torquing the grip.


I once thought of making a port on the back to connect to the 2600 and play the 2600 Stunt Cycle proto.



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Atari Stunt Cycle was probably my greatest find in the wild.

Complete, in the box, like new. $5.00.

(at a tag sale)


I love it and play often.

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Freakin' awesome collection! Love the Video Music! I just scored one myself... can't wait to see it in person!

I had one but let it go. Just wasn't my bag. It doesn't play games so not much of interest to me. Would have just sat and collected dust like my old Akai GX-4000D.

I managed to finally get one last year. It's nearly mint condition, in the original box with manual, switchbox, and even the original silica dessicant bag :) Wasn't cheap, but I had been wanting one for a decade so I got it.


Stephen Anderson

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Got 'em both. I have a video on you tube that gets a lot of views (relative to my other videos) because people think it's going to be about Motocross when it's really Sears Motocross and all I'm doing is revving the engine on the unit.


Sears Motocross Sound Demo


the other video is an awful one too, just to give idea what the sound was like during actual game play. Though the game play is not visible here. Okay, I'm all about the sound.

Quickie Demo


And this is just to show the tragedy of a head slide. (Warning: Horrific Graphic Content)

Motocross Head Slide


Muuuch better video here by someone else:

Stunt Cycle High Score


If I can find where my Atari Video Pinball movies are, I'll post them up on YouTube, too, so that random strangers can mock them.

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I have got a "Stunt Cycle" as PAL model. I heard that this is something special as it was only produced in small quantities as PAL version. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find information on its rarity on the internet by now.


I found it on a flea market two years ago for only 3 Euro.




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I have a Video Pinball. I remember being at a party where relatives of our neighbors brought over a video pinball game. I waited for a long long time to take a turn at breakout. It was the first (or very close to it) video game I ever played and I've been hooked ever since. A few years ago I found a boxed video pinball for a couple of bucks. It brought back a ton of great memories (even though I only got to play for a few minutes that first night).

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I saw a Stunt Cycle in a flea once for pretty cheap, I think it was boxed even. Don't know why I didn't pick it up... oh well.


Since then, I got a Video Pinball manual, just in case I ever find a loose VP in the wild, but never have!

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I've got a pair of the cream-colored Video Pinball consoles. OI used to have one hooked up to the TV until a few years back, it was pretty popular when friends came over. I've always wanted a Stunt Cycle, but have never seen one in the wild.


Glad to see some Atari Video Music unit around! I've got a pair and they are brilliant. One is under my TV right this very minute. Gotta get around to finding someone to mod it for me.

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I hacked one of my Video Pinball consoles with a PSX 1 controller, now I can play all those great pinball games on the PSX and get some decent scores. Now I'm thinking of hacking to a PSX2 controller cable and also a regular 2600 controller plug to play Midnight Magic with 2600 emulator and a Stella adapter...

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