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2600 composite video mod


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Hey gang,

While tinkering around this afternoon, i came up with this mod for a 2600 jr (Pal-B)

Luma signals through the appropriate resistors, connect the color and sync with wire links and tie them altogether for composite video. While not the best mod by a long shot, it is simple, cheap and gives

better results than just tying all the signals together. Give it a try!


sync ------------------|


Luma1---330ohm----|----------composite video




TIA pins for Pal-B Jr. :-

sync - 2

Luma1 - 5

Luma2 - 6

Luma0 - 7

Color - 9

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Just a small update:- I recently need to mod another Pal Jr. As I was tinkering I noticed that the three resistors (1000, 100, 330) can all be 'scrounged' from the RF Modulator that the mod makes redundant (karma, balance perhaps?).....any way remember to connect the grounds to an appropriate part of the ground rail that runs along the bottom of the board and the 330 resistor is connected to the bottom-left pin of the IC below the RF modulator. join all three resistor lines and the two link line together for composite video. remember the audio is separate. Below is a graphical representation to help you along,


Mod Diagram

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