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2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs Contest


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Starting with the second round, I am running a contest for the rest of the NHL playoffs. The contest is simply to give your predictions for the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. Points will be awarded as follows:

Quarterfinals - 1 point

Semi- 2 points

Stanley Cup- 4 points



1. Once the first round is over, I will post all the matchups for the quarterfinals. Once I do that, you can start posting your predictions.


2. You can make edits up to when the puck drops at the start of the first Quarterfinal game. Any edits made after that and you will be disqualified.


3. Winner is whoever gets the most points. Tie breakers will be determined by the number of total goals scored during the Stanley Cup finals. Whoever comes closest to the total. (this is not like the price is right, you can go over the total). If still tied, winner drawn from a hat.


4. I am going to give an example post to show what I want your guesses to look like.


5. Winners get to choose between some really good stuff. Valued at around $20- $30


6. Contest is open to everyone.


Here is a link to the last time I ran this back in 2008.

2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Contest

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I am calling it right now: Sharks vs. Bruins, epic battle. Can't wait--my two favorite teams (Sharks hockey is all I get here) but you can bet I will still be rooting for the B's if it comes down to it.

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I always route for the underdogs. This year Luongo could carry the Canucks a little way, I think. My beloved Flames have the best team they have had in years (on paper) but have lost alot of their defensemen to injuries. They'll be lucky to escape the first round. :( Chicago might cause some trouble too. ;)

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Please add your name to this forum and I will send you a reminder once the contest starts. I know some of you miss the entry deadline every year.


PS - I was at the Bruins- Canadians game last night. Best regular season game this year!!! B's won in OT 5-4.

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Sharks vs Bruins - Bruins in 6!


San Jose has been my favorite west coast team ever since they knocked out the Red Wings in '94. Bruins have been my favorite team since I was born. I still have my authentic Sandis Ozolinsh away jersey I wear regularly. Still looking for that authentic Neely one I used to have.


So glad Sinden is gone! Look at the difference! :)


Chara and Lucic ROCK!

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