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Do you bite your fingernails?


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LOL , they used to have a nail polish version of that stuff (they still might), and whats funny about it is that as soon as the stuff hardened on your nails the mild unpleasent taste disappeared making it useless ... hahaha


I have a bottle of a nail varnish version (called "Stop & Grow" or something). It is the most unpleasant taste ever. The tiniest bit will stay in your mouth for a good hour, however hard you try to wash it away or disguise it with another taste (apparently you can get used to it).


We used it on an annoying kid on the train who had a habit of chewing his bag. He actually thought we had poisoned him.

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Yep...the only thing I was aware of for humans was the chewing gum that used to come with the Cigarrest plan. I know someone once who used it and what you did was chew this gum right before you smoked. Chewing the gum had no ill effects, but as soon as you lit up, it sparked a reaction and caused you to well...uhm...throw up. :)




PS: The guy DID in fact quit smoking, but I believe he developed a fetish for chewing gum. :D

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