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RAM Pong

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Hello Thomas,


David Flemming writing you, in regards to finally getting RAM Pong published via Packrat (I tried via email, but not sure if you are getting my emails or not). I've got the box work almost done, and just need to work on the manual.


At this point, wondering if you had a basic listing to base a manual off of? I know it is Pong, but a full list of what the game can do would be nice (I've gathered what I found here, but am sure there is a bit more).


Thanks in advance, and sorry for taking so long to get this published (long story which I really don't want to share in public here).


-David "Packrat" Flemming

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7 hours ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

Published in quantity? I think it will be!


Made into a cart? At 32 bytes, I think Hard 2632 is the smallest at this point! ;-)


- James



32 bytes? ? Assuming 50%-50% distribution of bits, that's 64 diodes needed to represent the game logic, though you still need logic gates connected to the address lines.


Did anyone ever make a "romless" cart?

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