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Ghost Trap, now for Colecovision!


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Back in 2007 I made a hack of the Atari 2600 version of Mouse Trap called Ghost Trap. The topic is here:




What I did to that version was all that I could do. But after finding a version of Hack-O-Matic that I did not have before, I was able to make....


Ghost Trap for Colecovision


In this version....

I changed the blue mouse to a blue ghost.

Instead of an angry red dog, you get an angry red ghost.

I changed the stuff you eat to yellow dots and red dots (for turning into the red ghost)

The first few bonus items have been changed to look like...

a piece of cake

an apple (or maybe a cherry)

a pair of cherries

a bottle with a "C" on it (maybe a cola, or catsup)

a strawberry


The rest of the bonus items may change if I can find them and see what looks good in red.


I would like to make the color of the maze blue, but I don't know how to change colors.


Anyway here's the rom file for any Colecovision emulator, plus some screenshots. If needed, I will try to post larger screenshots (the ones posted are the only size I could make with the emulator I used.).





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This should be great fun.


The 2600 version is very good. My only problem I have is that sometime the ghost uses his power pill when I try to open doors and vice-versa. I will have to read the instructions to Mouse Trap and see how I am supposed to do it.


The instruction is tap the button to use the dog bone. Hold the button to open/close doors.

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Hello! :)


It´s wonderful looking hack! But one thing keeps coming to my mind though. That angry ghost still quite looks like scared (eatable) ghost. And Pac-Man does scare away just by "normal" ghost (which kills pac-man) ( why pac-man should be scared of something which looks eatable? ;) ) so using "normal" ghost for a "dog-mode" makes more sense, me thinks. But it was just my thought. :)

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