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this is wrong and ridiculous


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I know you guys are probably putting down profiteering but what if you are on dialup or don't have a good CD-burner. How are you going to try out a Dreamcast homebrews or emulators? Ebay will probably shut it down because they are Nintendo roms but I'm sure there are people out there that need help with dreamcast burning.


Of course, most people just need to get smarter and network with gamers on the internet to get what they want.

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yes you have some points, BUT i offered to send them the emulator i have, all i ask is that they pay for shipping, thats all. They can ask around for trades, check out message boards, chat rooms, websites....look upa search :D I have dial up and i still dl the stuff, and burn it :D or if idont want to bother i trade with people :)

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they shut his auction down and he relisted' date=' telling the truth of it being freeware said that the 15.00 is goes for his "efforts" to make the cd :|



jackoff :x [/color']



Yeah there's something wrong with this guy, claiming everything is 'freeware' , I bet the DC emulators are but all those Nintendo Roms aren't what an ass. He'll be shut down shortly.

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