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Activision Mobile for free !


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yes! it's free!


but not the real thing ... you'll have to print it out and cut & glue it together yourself!


i rebuilt it after searching just too long for the original one!


does anyone know of others than pitfall (i have that one) and chopper command? pics please!


enjoy and have fun!


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here's the pitfall one ... unfortunately just a 72 dpi scan ... but it's actually good enough to print it out with an inkjet on 300g cardboard


i built one for my last exhibition!


this one though is a pain in the a** to cut out ...


what other mobiles have been done by atari & activision?




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yeah, it's more a store display on the one side, but actually more a mobile than the ones we previously posted.


but nice to know it exists .... :thumbsup:


it's added to my wantlist! :lust:


and also to my to do list ....


@ax: basically it's no big deal to rework pics and scans of the originals, including the preparation of the template for the cutter ... the big deal is financing as you are looking at costs going over 1000 dollars for each mobile ... and we know what "sell like crazy" means in terms of atari homebrewand memorabilia stuff ... it usually means that you're about to get your investment back in but not much more ...


i could ask some friends in china to produce it there, but then again there is the problem of getting the stuff through the customs ... u might loose the whole lot due to copyrights problems ...

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