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Xbox 360 becomes my favorite (Monkey Island?)


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If this is true I will be overjoyed. Cimerians, I loved all of those titles you mentioned. Weren't the Indy games LucasArts as well? Who knows, maybe they could do all of the titles eventually if they use a SCUMM engine. I would love a So you want to be a Hero remake on the 360 (if it is a SCUMM deal). And even some of the Sierra games as well. I know I am dreaming, but let me dream.

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I hope this does turn out to be true. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the other LucasFilm games available as well. (With achievements no less!!)

Back in the day I would play these for hours on my C64.

LOL, I can only guess what they would have as achievements.

"You mastered the sword"

"You mastered thievery"

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I agree that it looks much prettier but... I am having some serious trouble getting over how ridiculously stupid Guybrush looks. I really, REALLY dislike his design. I'm usually pretty tolerant of that sort of thing, but I'm pretty underwhelmed by what they've done with him.

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The graphics upgrade is horrible....especially Guybrush and Marley....I think some graphics arts company in Singapore did it according to the end credits. Sorry people but it sucks.


I switched to the old graphics almost about an hour into gameplay although I would switch back and forth once in a while to check the voice acting. Sadly they had the same actors do different characters and you can tell.


Also, Lucasarts like a few other corporations is now listing the ENTIRE company in the end credits, inluding Human Resources. Do we really need that?? :x


Oh well, there's a nice message at the end and you can play it in classic mode so I would have to give it a thumbs up.

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