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Xbox 360 becomes my favorite (Monkey Island?)


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I've bought the game but not tried it yet.

I suspect I will switch back and forth between the two versions by hitting the <Back button, but probably keep it on the original version for most of the time.


BTW Jibbajaba, what does your post have to do with the Xbox 360? Surely you don't imagine folks here on AA don't know that the game can be played on alternative devices do you... and if that is the case, why bother? Just bored? In any case, I'm terribly glad you saved $10, hopefully you'll spend it on something useful like Gummi Bears, Twinkies or a pack of smokes! :thumbsup:

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I think it was well done. I liked the user interface. I can only hope that more classics get revamped, hopefully with a graphic style in a different direction than that of Monkey Island SE. I really liked the ability to switch from Classic to SE. I still don't quite understand how the leaderboard points work. I managed to hit #300 after my speed run (1Hr 54Mins to get the speed achievement), but how you earn points is beyond me.

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I kinda surprised that no one has mentioned yet that "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Special Edition" is now out on XBLA and I just downloaded it the other day. I hope LucasArts does the remaining two MI games for XBLA.

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I got part 2, I like it. Never liked the new artwork but I'm in it for the achievments and support that they convert more like Day of the Tentacle, Sam n' Max, Full Throttle, The Dig, Loom and Indy! Did I forget anything?


Outlaws in HD. Can you imagine? That would be great. :thumbsup:


I wouldn't mind Tie Fighter or X-Wing either. Online support with massive multiplayer space battles etc.

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