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Source Code - Pole Position


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Here is the source code to Pole Position for the Atari 2600, this was written by GCC (who designed the Atari 7800) You'll note a comment: Doug!!!!!! --- that refers to Doug Macrae one of the founders of GCC.



It well commented, it would be great to see some nice mod's and hacks of this code to make some new race games - maybe change the cars to motorcycles perhaps ? :-)







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Thanks Curt! I hope someone makes a wheelchair racing game with this! :D

I saw someone do this with Outrun. Freaking hilarious having a wheel chair rolling down the road with cars passing by and when you crash, just like the original Outrun, you fly out of the wheel chair.


*disclaimer* I really don't want people in wheel chairs being tossed on the road with moving cars :)

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