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Atari 2600 Hacks and Homebrews ROM Collection V1.2


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I end up sorting all my ROMs anyway, so if it can help anyone else out, so much the better.

That's exactly the reason why i started updating Rom Hunter's Collection. :lol:



  • bankswitch conversions
  • Supercharger conversions
  • hacks (sorted by game)
  • NTSC conversions
  • PAL conversions
  • palette select hacks

Homebrews are now sorted by:

  • demos
  • homebrews (WIPs)
  • homebrews

I really like how you sorted the ROMs, this will be a great starting point for the next major update. :thumbsup:


I will also make an extra folder for Musics, would be nice to have them all together.


And Concept and Kernel demos like Cybergoth's Zookeeper Test or Kickman Kernel should be moved to the demos folder as those aren't really homebrew WIPs.


Please keep in mind that a lot of ROMs from 2008 and 2009 are still missing, it takes quite some time to compare them all and track down the correct infos.


At the moment i don't have that time as i need to work on a few bB Projects asap but i will update this once i have more time again.


I hope you all enjoy this as a starting point for a "legal" hacks and homebrews collection and remember:

You haven't seen 'em all yet! :D

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ive been enjoying that maid avoiding the elevator game on my supercharger but it just freezes up at random though
Elevators Amiss? It's not random, there is a data table that exists on top of the Supercharger's bankswitching hotspots. It should be simple to relocate the table if an unmodded-SC version doesn't already exist.
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Wow - thanks so much for compiling this exhaustive colelction!

No offense to Impaler_26, who has done a fine job, but if you want a really exhaustive collection, there are a few torrents available with complete or near-complete incremental WIP version archives of many of the homebrews and hacks -- not that that sort of thing interests me. Just the last/best version is enough, IMO.

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Impaler_26 and Nathan Strum, in case you are still working on an update to the collection, I've noticed a somewhat confusing issue in file naming which isn't really your fault. In this collection and others found elsewhere, there are two uses for the word "batari". It can refer to AA member Fred Quimby, or it can refer to programs written in his VCS programming language, batari BASIC (bB). From various torrents, I've found quite a lot of files written in bB which contain the word "BAtari" (capitalized exactly like that) in their names, but no other info as to their author. I'm not sure that all of them were written by Fred, though there's a good chance that most were. For files that I'm sure were not written in bB (such as many bankswitching conversions), I'm changing "batari" or "Batari" to "Fred Quimby". For files that were written in bB, I'm changing "BAtari" (or in some instances "BAtari BASIC", "in BAtari", "in BASIC" or other variations) to "bB". Unfortunately, this means these files no longer contain any author attribution. If you're including any of these files in a future update, please use both "bB" and "Fred Quimby" to identify files which he wrote in batari BASIC.


BTW, due to the small file sizes of most VCS binaries and comparatively huge memory of readily available SD cards to use with the Harmony cartridge, I've changed my mind regarding my previous post, and am keeping copies of all availble WIP versions of homebrews in addition to the "final" versions.

Edited by A.J. Franzman
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I don't know if anyone's actively maintaining this collection anymore, but for what it's worth:


There are two version of Motocross in the NTSC conversions folder, one adjusted for a 274-line playfield, and one for 282 lines. The version listed as --


Motocross (NTSC Conversion) (2006) (Thomas Jentzsch) [a].bin


-- is the 274-line version, and as far as I can tell (the MD5s in Stella match) it's a copy of Thomas's final version, "Motocross__Starsoft___NTSC___274b_.bin", originally posted here.


The version without the [a] is the 282-line version, and it's a copy of Thomas's "Motocross__Starsoft___NTSC___282b.bin", but that's not the final version of the conversion. The final version is "Motocross__Starsoft___NTSC___282c.bin", which can be found here.


I bring this up because the 274-line version (274b.bin) occasionally rolls on my TV (as discussed in the linked thread), but the 282-line version (282c.bin) works perfectly and shows a little bit more of the playfield.


So if this collection is ever updated, I think that 282c.bin should be the main version, and 274b.bin should be the [a] version for people whose TVs can't handle the larger 282-line display.

Edited by thegoldenband
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