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Videogame Nation, Manchester, UK


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The Videogame Nation exhibition takes place at the Urbis centre in Manchester, England from 12th of May through to the 20th of September 09.


Taken from http://www.urbis.org.uk/page.asp?id=3296


"This exhibition charts the meteoric rise of videogaming. Once the sacred realm of the bedroom programmer, it has grown into a multi-billion pound industry which spans more than 30 years of games and consoles."




"The exhibition also examines the cultural impact of gaming, from its cleverly designed graphics and contemporary soundtracks as well as its darker side – violent content and gaming addiction."


There are some extra events taking place at the exhibition over the summer too. For a full list check here.


A report (not by me) and photos over at Negative Gamer.

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if i have the money (incl. the 150 sob it will cost for the train there) I might take a looksie, but only if other AA members are going

I don't know why you think its so expensive on the train in the UK. If you go to http://www.nationalrail.co.uk and choose a date about a month away (for example Saturday 27th of June), you can travel from London to Manchester for £8 each way. See attached :-



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only if you pay in advance (i.e credit card) some peeps (me included) don't have that option

You can get those tickets from any large train station too. You just ask for the times and dates you require. If you have a debit card you can register and order them online and then pick them up from one of the automated machines at the station you are starting the journey from (or any other for that matter).

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