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Classic Game Fest 2009 - Austin, TX


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CLASSIC GAME FEST 2009: Game Over Videogames is back this summer with its 2nd annual Classic Game Fest - a new summer tradition for old-school video game players, collectors, and fans of all ages. It will be held at the north Austin, TX location of Game Over Videogames at the intersection of Hwy 183 and Lamar Blvd. on every other Friday night from July 3rd through August 28th. And the best part is that these events will be completely FREE and open to the public!


Austin, TX – June 3: Game Over Videogames, Inc., an Austin-based corporation that specializes in the buying and selling of classic and used videogames, announced today that it is continuing its annual summer festival designed to celebrate classic videogames. Classic Game Fest will begin this summer on July 3rd, and it will continue with new shows and events every other Friday night until August 28th. Specific dates and games are: July 3 – PONG, July 17 – Joust, July 31 – Dr. Mario, August 14 – NBA Jam, and August 28 – Super Smash Bros. Movies, schedules, special events, and more info about each night will be posted online at www.classicgamefest.com and www.gameovervideogames.com as it becomes official.


The events will all be staged at the Game Over Videogames retail store and videogame museum located at the corner of Hwy 183 @ Lamar Blvd in north Austin, TX. Each night will include classic videogame tournaments on a large, 16 x 9 feet outdoor screen provided by the Alamo Drafthouse. In addition to the games, each night will feature videogame movies, special sales in the store, and other special events to watch or participate in. If you love classic videogames, you don’t want to miss a single night!


Best of all, these events are once again completely FREE and open to all videogame fans and players young and old, so bring the whole family for some late night fun and videogames under the stars. Just imagine the excitement of playing classic videogames on a huge movie screen in front of 100 or more fellow gamers – there is nothing like it! Come to watch, to compete for cool gaming prizes, and to enjoy the cooler nighttime temperatures this summer at Game Over Videogames.

Sponsors and vendors are currently being recruited to participate in this massive video game spectacle. For more information on this awesome event or to find out how you or your company can participate as a sponsor or vendor, please contact David Kaelin at 512-459-4263 or check it out online at www.classicgamefest.com or www.gameovervideogames.com

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