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Curse of Blackbeard's Skull - 2600

Byte Knight

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Hi guys,


I thought I'd post my latest release here since there seems to be more traffic and I'd eventually like to get this out on cartridge.


For those of you who haven't played it, this game has elements of Pitfall, Adventure, and Jungle Hunt. The object of the game is to return Blackbeard's skull to your ship. To do this, you must collect two map pieces and the shovel. Once you have the map pieces, and 'X' will appear on the screen where the skull is buried, and you'll need the shovel to dig it up. You'll also need the torch to explore the caves in the game. Several enemies will make completing your mission difficult including cannibals, poisonous frogs, birds, and snakes. If you can find the sword, you'll at least be able to defend yourself. Like Adventure, there's a bat that likes to steal objects and drops them off on other parts of the island. As with Pitfall, there are deadly pits for you to fall into...


The player can run, jump, crouch, and sword fight. Push up to draw your sword (if you have it) and push fire to jump. Lives are on the lower left, health on the lower right, and inventory is at the bottom. You will lose the sword and the skull when you die and these will go to random locations.


Most recent update:

• items are now randomized

• added tiki statue boss at end


Yet to do:

• add sound

• add different skill levels

• add more screens

• add enemy death animations


Screenshots are here.



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