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The Vectrex - Better than before!


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The recent couple of vectrex topics made me want to put in some quallity

playtime on mine once again, But it had a slight problem.

The video was off center about 1/8" to the left.

I figured that with my recently aquired experence with arcade monitors,

I should be able to adjust the picture back to normal.


I removed all of the screws and removed the back of the case and

noticed that one of the AC lines that go to the power switch had

been pinched between the seam of the case and had left some of the copper

exposed. I quickly repaired that with heat shrink tubing and moved on to

adjusting the video.


I discovered where all of the adjustmen pots were on the monitor chassis

and turned powered on the vectrex so I could see which pots adjusted what.

About 10 minutes and a few different games later, I felt satisfied that the

image on the monitor was perfectly centered and streached, so I put the

back of the case back on.


I wasn't prepared for what happened when I powered on the vectrex.

Everything was freaking loud! Not abnormally loud, but normal volume!

The entire time i've owned it I just thought that the sound amp sucked

because even at max, the volume was kind of faint.

I just thought that's how it was.

Before, I just thought that people were nit-picking about that ground loop

problem that causes that famous vectrex buzz because I couldn't really

hear it before.

Now I am happy to hear it. Even though I can probably correct it,

I really dont want to. I'm just happy that my vectrex is now operating

at it's peak performance, ......as well as catching that potential fire hazard.


I played an hour or so of patriots remix and the loudness of the explosions,

especially at the game over screen just totally adds to an awesome experiance.


I'm now on the hunt for a sega genesis controller to modify, as well

as seriously thinking about adding to my homebrew game collection.


Maybe I should start that light pen project that i've been putting off.


I think I love the vectrex even more now!

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