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Raffle and new release

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74 days and counting!


Win a Konami Home Arcade Machine at Portland Retro Gaming Expo!


Konami Home Arcade Game, Who hasn't dreamed of having a full-size

arcade game in their living room? This year at the PRGE, our raffle

grand prize is a Konami home arcade machine. Play all of Konami's

classic games on this full-size arcade machine. The Konami Arcade Game

comes with 12 built-in classic games. The unit stands 62" tall and has

an included, built-in, full color monitor.


Raffle tickets will be available throughout the show for $1 each. The

drawing will be held at approximately 4:45 PM, just prior to Leeni's

performance at the main stage. Must be present to win!



I wanted to tell you all about an exclusive release we have for our

show. For all you Atari 2600 fans out there, one of our show releases

will be CHUNKOUT 2600. This new puzzle game has been programmed by

James Todd from NintendoAGE.com. He has previously developed this game

for the Gameboy Color and Nintendo NES system, and now with his first

adventure into developing for the Atari 2600. I think you'll love this

game very much!


About the game:


You are looking at a 8 by 12 grid made of blocks with different colors

(number of colors depends on level 1-4 of difficultly). The object of

the game is

to clear the screen of all blocks and at the same time try to take out

the biggest chunks (the bigger the chunks, the bigger the score).


The game carts will be numbered and you can buy either a cart only or

a special boxed version which will include a lot of cool items with





Rick Weis

Portland Retro Gaming Expo


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