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Updated pics of my "store"

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First, it was nice to meet AJ in person today. Thanks for stopping by!


I finally got around to taking some updated pics of the shop. Check it out.




















And we also got in a Virtual Boy today - first one I have ever seen in person




I will be in the shop for most of the day tomorrow after noon, so stop by if you are in the area of Reading.

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I don't have any of the generics, but I charge $8 for a used original, or $7 for an equivalent or custom one (cord from dead one on a suitable power supply, I fix them, too). Huge difference in the local economy from there to here; a friend of mine had to go to the NE USA lately and he said that there's LOTS of hardware around (unlike here) and prices were higher. Huge difference.


Hopefully today I'll be able to get some pics up of my place for a different thread. I do buddy prices, too :)


As far as I can tell, we're the only store in the city doing any kind of classic gaming. Nobody wants to touch it, it's all new stuff, nothing older than NGC. Do you do computers as well??


It's funny, so far I've had a typewriter in for service (basic cleanup and reseat the spacebar) from the '60's, and one lady got mad that I wasn't gonna fix her AC for her (no tools or cert for that, lol). But I do have a really cool CRT TV set in, it has all kinds of inputs on it like PAL, CGA (I think) and a bunch of others like a security monitor, but it's a 21"! I seem to get to fix a bunch of stuff.

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I only do basic repairs on gaming consoles right now. We have seen one Atari 800 computer come in so far (I took that for my collection :D ). There are definitely several shops in the Boston/NH/RI area that cater to classic games, but most of them are pretty much unaware of the concept of customer service. There are a few exceptions (like Game Universe in Framingham and The Time Capsule in Providence), but they are far enough from us that I am not that worried about them snagging customers from us.

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