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Gathering in Austin?


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Okay, we need to decide on the scale of this gathering and find a good place to hold it. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm personally thinking of some place where we can have a relatively small room where we can setup game systems on a bunch of tables as well as have tables for laying out games and hardware for trading. And basically just play games, socialize, trade, and eat food. :)



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I thought I would resurface this topic from the dead after reminiscing over some photos from AGE. I along with many I'm sure would love to see something start up in Texas again. Texas deserves some type of a retro expo and get together. The closest events we have are the Houston and Dallas arcade shows and OVGE with our neighbors to the north. I think the retro scene has grown within the state since AGE. One can look at the influx of expansion of stores since 2003 with stores like Vintage Stock, Game X Change, and Game Over video games.


Al did a remarkable job with his show, and one can appreciate the work and money that goes into something like that. I was just seeing if there was any type of interest as a group of like minded individuals to have something either small like a get together to a full blown event. I'm just throwing this out there to gauge any serious interest and any ideas anyone might have. I know I can't possibly be the only one in the state craving some type of retro event.


Thanks for reading :)

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