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Genesis to 7800 Controller Mod


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Okay, instead of the ASCII graphic in the FAQ, I made a JPG of the schematics.


Here's the relevant text from the FAQ


This design works with the Atari 2600 as well as the Atari 7800. Also, any system that can use Atari 2600 joysticks, should be able to use this design. This design can be put inside a Sega Genesis controller or with the addition of two 9 pin connectors, it can be made into an adaptor. It works with any Sega Genesis controller including those with autofire.

Parts List

· 2 3906 PNP Transistor

· 2 1K Resistor

· 2 620 Ohms Resistor

For Adaptor only

· 1 9 pin Male Subminiature D connector

· 1 9 pin Female Subminiature D Connector



Pins listed as Sega refer to the 9 pin male connector that the Sega Controller plugs into. Pins listed as Atari refer to the 9 pin female connector that plugs in the Atari 7800.


I'm gonna try to get the parts for this mod and try it tonight...


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