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Please Help Me Pay Respects To My Boy Nygel

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While out of town this past weekend at the 2old2play LAN in Chicago, my dog and good friend of over 12 years passed away. It was indeed a sad homecoming. In my effort to pay last respects to the best dog that I have ever known I have entered him into the Cutest Dog Contest. Please head over to the link below, place your vote for Nygel and pass this on to your friends if you will. We will be donating 50% of any prize money received from this contest to the Humane Society in Nygel's name. Thank You.




Vote for Nygel

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Been there! I had my old dog for 15 of her 16 years. It tore me apart to have to put her down in '05.


She was relatively healthy up to her last day but was suffering with "Doggie Dementia" or "Doggie Alzheimers". She would pace constantly 24/7, only sleeping when she literally passed out while walking in circles. She was also walking into corners, staring at it like a zombie and randomly passing out. It accelerated in the last week of her life. The biggest kicker was that she was like an attentive pup the day I brought her to get put down. I guess she died with dignity.


It KILLED me and I bawled like a 6 year old girl for days straight. It hasn't been the same in the 4 years since and I refuse to get another dog just yet and go through that again.

I know what you mean, this place seemed too silent and freezing cold when I got home without her. It stayed that way for months. Only after she died I realized how much time I spent with her. It was nearly 24/7. I work from home so she was always around sparing a scattered night on the town. The other day I was going through receipts that were unsorted and found the vet bill for the euthanization, her collar and leash. It was like ripping the scabs off a heart bypass patient.


It's going to hurt a long time and unless you get another pup one day that hole in your heart will always be there!


I'm so sorry to hear of this. Will throw in a vote!

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Glorious you rock. Thank you!


The voting resets tonight at midnight. Nygel has received just under 240 votes, which is very respectable. However, the winner from last week got 1,500 votes. We have ten more weeks to get Nygel in the finals. Votes reset each week at midnight on Friday and the top dog after 7 days moves on. So please, everyone keep voting from as many computers as you can and please ask your friends and family to vote for Nygel as well. I apologize for spamming everyone, but this is really important to us. I really would love to be able to donate some money to the Humane Society. So thanks again to everyone and keep voting!


Vote for Nygel

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Thanks again to everyone who has voted for Nygel so far. Apparently there have been some "irregularities" with the contest (big surprise there) and you now have to register to vote. Nygel is still entered, so please register and keep voting for him. Voting now resets each Saturday at midnight (changed from Friday due to said "irregularities") so vote daily and please don't give up.


Thanks again,



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