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What are the best Japanese PS1 games (non-RPG)


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I have some info on that. The first link is a wiki on the playstation in general, but it has a section on japanese games that might be enlightening. The second link is the most important. It's for an online store called Pink Godzilla (based in Seattle). You can browse and buy games through them. If you click on the PSX link, you can choose specifically Japanese games and go from there.


Good luck!





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Here are some games that are good and exclusive to Japan.


DoDonPachi (better looking and more close to the arcade version than the Saturn port)

Gradius Gaiden (best Gradius game - yes I prefer it over V)

Gunners Heaven (like Gunstar Heroes)

Gussun Paradise (Bubble Bobble style game)

Harmful Park (cute style shoot em up - but seem to be expensive now)

Money Idol Exchanger (aka Money Puzzle Exchanger - like Magical Drop)

Panzer Bandit (like Guardian Heroes)

Pepsiman (platformer)

Raiden DX (best Raiden game of original franchise - blends classic Raiden play with score base elements of the Fighters series)

Rakugaki Showtime (its like Poy Poy… on crack!)

Vib Ribbon (music platformer)

Zanac X Zanac (Compile's last game :( also has the original versions of Zanac)


These are some games that are great fun to play and only available in Japan region.

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