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Vectrex: Creating your own overlays? Flash vs multi-cart?


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Hello everyone!


I'm new to the Vectrex. After wanting one since it first came out in 1982 I finally scored one. As many of you know finding oerlays in good condition is always a bitch. I searched around youtube and found this awesome video that demonstrates how to create your own custom overlays that look just like the originals. I'd follow the instructions but I don't any language other than English.


See for yourself:



Is there an english version a similar video out there?

Is there anyone here capable of reproducing overlays?


I'd love to get all the overlays at an affordable price if possible.


Also... Vecflash vs. 72-in-1: Which is the better deal?


Both seem like awesome carts. I like the idea of having a cart that never needs to be worked on. Then again, the reset button and ability to add ROMs at will really appeals to me. I'd like to support both programmers to help further development in the Vecrex but right now my financial situation keeps me from doing so. I'm going to throw some stuff up in the marketplace to pay for one of these two carts. Your thoughts on both of these would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for all the help... I'm in love with this crazy thing! icon_smile.gif

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I've gone back and forth with the overlay thing myself.


I printed one of my own, and it was OK. I tried the "liquid paper" on the back for the white backmasking, but I can't do straight lines so that isn't too great.


I have an old printer that actually prints white (ALPS MD1000) and I was always planning on trying to set up a stencil to try it, but I haven't gotten around to it.

I'm not even sure I can still get ink (well, it's a tape actually) for it, so I might have waited too long for that option.


As for the cart, I have an SK multicart, and I think it's great.


But about a month after I got it, they release the VecRAM. I think, had I waited, I would have preferred the VecRAM.


I have the CC II for my 7800, and I love the fact that I can reload games, but to be honest, I haven't done that yet. It still has the original set I put on it..


See, that wasn't helpful at all!! :-)



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I have to say I'm leaning towards flash myself...


As for the overlays, I'm shocked nobody offers repros for sale anywhere on the internet. If someone set something up they would have a monopoly. icon_ponder.gif


I'd do it if I knew how the heck to make one. It doesn't look hard but I need to know all the materials needed to make one. If I coulf pull it off correctly I'd offer it as a service for everyone. I just need a translator for that video! :)

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My German is REALLY rusty, but I'll try...


It sounds like what he's doing is printing out a copy of the overlay on transparency paper. You'd need to get paper larger than the screen. I don't know the size of the vectrex screen, but I do know that anything larger than 8.5x11 will ahve to be special ordered. 8.5x11 is sold at most office supply stores.


Following printing the background, he cuts the lines and various white elements out of card stock with an xacto knife to create a stencil (You could print it out in black on white card stock so you have something to follow), then masking it down to the transparency, he uses white spraypaint to paint them in.


After that, he puts the transparency into a lamination pouch and runs it through a laminator. When he's done, he uses a scissors to cut it to size to fit the screen It sounds like a lot of work, but I don't doubt it'd be effective.


As someone who works with laminators regularly, I'd say that the lamination pouch could be rough if the surface of the transparency was too glossy. Pouch laminators in my experience sometimes leave bubbles. A wide format roll laminator as found at larger copy shops might be cleaner. Most copy shops (Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Fedex Kinkos) will at least have a pouch laminator.


On the bright side, once you had the overlay template cut out, you should be able to use it several times to spray the lines and make multiple copies.


The trick is where do you get the overlay artwork that you could print. But once you had done that, the rest should be doable in an hour or two. I suspect that they ARE out there, perhaps even on the forums of this video's website.


I posted on the Youtube video asking for an English version. Don't hold your breath.


Hope this helps!

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Since he lives i Germany, he uses standard A4 sheets to print on. Just plain inktjet overlays for inktjet printers. The height of the print should be 21 cm and with anywhere between 16,3 and 16,5 cm. After printing he prints out the overlay again on plain white paper with a minimum coverage just to minimize the inkt waste. The then cuts out the sections that need to get white. After cutting it out, he uses it to make a template. He uses spray paint to paint the sections white. After painting he puts it in a laminator pounch into a hot laminator. After that he cuts it out. Like lendorien already said.

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