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Ever want to be a Hummingbird? Now you can! :lust: With HUMMINGBIRD the fantastic new hummingbird simulator for the Atari 2600. Use your amazing powers of flight to take to the skies...and buzz around :D Recommended for ages 2 to Adult.


*sprite mirror fix added :D






Hummingbird mirrorfix.bin

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Can you fix it so he stays facing the direction you last moved? For example, if you move left, he'll stay facing left instead of flipping back to look the other direction.


If you turn this into a game, maybe the player would have to poke the beak into flowers to keep his energy up. If you just hover and stop feeding, his energy will decrease until he dies (that version would only be for children who like dead birds). :D

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On 5/29/2021 at 2:02 PM, DarthDuke said:

What a clever idea! We have hummingbirds in our backyard here and they fascinate me.  Makes total sense to make a game about them. 

Thanks for checking it out. It was my first batari project from 12 years ago I even started some work last year on hummingbird 2 that follows up on most of the points brought up in this thread. We have a ton of hummingbirds in southern california so I had lots of inspiration back then lol 

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