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How to Create Custom 7800 Pacman Hacks!


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Sorry to bump an old post, but I just started messing with this.


Is it correct that mazes have to be symmetrical, and so does parts of the Ms. Pac title screen?

Depends on the engine. Some ports of Ms Pacman (NES Namco version for instance) have the capability for asymmetrical mazes. In fact there are 8 hidden mazes in the Namco NES version, some of which have asymmetrical layouts. I have no idea if the 7800 editor allows this as I haven't toyed with it. Maybe I will someday whenever they fix Concerto... :D :thumbsup:

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Ms. Pac-Man Twin on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us!






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