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How to Create Custom 7800 Pacman Hacks!


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What do you use jwierer to load these binaries on a stock 7800?


What are all the options to be able to load a program on the 7800?


1. Official 7800 Development card?

2. Cuttle Cart 2





Please list other options you know about that are available to 7800 owners.




(No sense in me hacking Pacman, with your utility, if I have no other option to play it other than emulation as I only like real hardware.)

3.Make your own cart (use an EPROM programmer)

4.7800 change the BIOS to the DevOS, build a devcart to transfer the data from a PC

5.Wait until Grovey Bee makes something else

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Ho Do I Change From Normal To Plus Mode icon_question.gif

For editing or playing? For editing, if you are editing Pacman Collection or Jr. Pacman there are a 2nd set of “plus” mode colors that you can modify by toggling the ghost button on the toolbar. For playing, I assume you mean Jr Pacman as that is an Easter Egg to enable by holding Pause and Player 2 button 1. Doesn't work all that well for me in Pro System, but if I keep hitting those buttons it enables plus mode.



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