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FS: Fairchild System (Channel F) Multi-Cart, pre-order now.


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  • 3 months later...

It's time for a new batch of Multi-Carts, I need your help to get it started, need to buy PCB:s and parts as well as getting some more donor cartridges.


I have calculated that I need four pre-paid payments of $115 to get it all together, I'll accept Fairchild cartridges as partial payment - for donor shells. Shipping is included in the price and new buyers will receive the box with the cartridge.


So get a good discount and get in there with the first four, last batch was $141 each so that's $26 cheaper.


Also need some cash flow to get the boxes out for the previous 60+ buyers



I have been working on a game since last time, Cannibal Slug Battle,

I'll see if it currently fits on the Mutli-Cart, can't promise. It was meant for a cartridge with more memory and isn't finished yet (either).



So go right ahead with your order, payment instructions are in the first message in the thread.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Made a few changes to the menu to make more room and added Werbetextcassette, I built one PCB with some parts I had at home already as I noticed the 74LS00 was also missing, they have arrived in Sweden from Singapore though so it should get here by the beginning of next week.

The kind US gentleman shipping RAM is last out, he apparently waited five days before even shipping them so these haven't left the US yet, I have four of those left though so they will be enough for the already paid orders.

Having some troubles with the one I built it as it's crashing now and then but it might very well be the console as it has acted up before, these ITT Telematch consoles are small and clever but they are the ones that seems to give the most troubles. When using my beta cart for testing Cannibal Slug Battle I had a bunch of problems with that console, I thought it was the cartridge as it's a home etched board with no solder mask and vias are soldered wires but it might be the actual console. Most often when these have been broken I have found a shorted tantal cap in the RF module and then things have been good. This one might need a haul over. I have two more of those, a SABA, Grandstand, three Luxors so I'm good, I had this one hooked up though.


I'll sort it out.

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Turns out finally that the console was flakey, possibly there was interference from the other three consoles stacked on top of it - there's no shielding what so ever in the ITT machine only the RF module.


So, I built this for myself to test some things, didn't have any SMD sockets...

...so I just carved a hole and soldered some wires.



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Thanks! It's been years... ;-)


I'm looking into sending the rest of the boxes to a laser cutting facility, sat yesterdayand traced the edge (Acme TraceArt), got the mm size confused with inches and couldn't solve that for a while before I imported it into Solidworks 2012 and then saved again to dxf. So I'm waiting for a reply there, if it's within limits I'll go for it, otherwise I might install in a new pair of scissors instead. ;-)


Waiting for shells to be delivered, I think I got hold of 30+ something from FND as well, I'm going to check my collection today for spares. Would be nice to get something shipped,

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