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Vectrex: weird behavior w/ 3D Glasses & VecVox


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I have 2 Vectrexes:


#1 - nice case, nice monitor, nice text, buzz-quieting fix, poor VecVox & 3D performance


#2 - beat case, wiggly vectors, slightly slanted text, buzzy, excellent VecVox & 3D performance



I've had #1 for quite a while & done some work on it. Just got #2 on craigslist on Thursday.


The VecVox & aftermarket Madtronix 3D glasses (not the original Vectrex model) use controller port 2. There seems to be some synching problem with Vectrex #1, which manifests as the VecVox voices being quite unintelligible & only 3D Minestorm working (3D Crazy Coaster & 3D Narrow Escape don't run--they use a wheel different from 3D Minestorm's, by the way). These items all work fine on Vectrex #2.



On Vectrex #1, I've recently swapped all of the capacitors that lead to the controller ports, & I also swapped the AY-3-8912 sound & I/O chip (to fix a phantom stuck button problem).



I'd really like to get these items working on Vetrex #1 & then I can sell/trade Vectrex #2.



Any ideas on how to tackle this fix? The only thought I had was to swap all socketed chips, but that's really grasping at straws. I've already reflowed the solder on every single darn joint on Vectrex #1 (to chase down a monitor horizontal sync issue).





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