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unlisted pal/ntsc carts?


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Hi All


Below is a list of unlisted? or at least without scans, Please can someone advise whether to submit these as scans as i'd like to contribute. I have another 50 to look at but will wait for a reaction on this lot.


(im tired, excuse the spelling)


Fire fighter: Green label with picture of a fire truck (duh), also a screen shot.


Alpha beam with ernie. exactly the same as NTSC but with a P


Dragon defender; Same as the ariola except it doesnt say made in taiwan


Star raiders, has a p for pal


wizard of wor, same as E release but has extra txt, "made in england by Ideal Toys Ltd, Woodley, Berks


donkey kong jr, Black and white, UK release for PAL, end label only says donkey kong


Starmaster, Pal / hes?


Pitfall 2, pal/hes?


Jorney escape, gameworld


Haunted house, p for pal


Atlantis, text only with green background, HES?


Strawberry shortcakes sexual tendancy mix up,, Ok it just stawberry shortcakes

but has a P that must stand for pal!


demons to diamonds, has the p for pal


spiderman, same as NTSC but has a P


kangaroo - same as silver 1983 except under the image it reads "1987 , ATARI, CORP., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2689


Desert falcon, same as red label except reads under image "copyright 1987, atari corporation. all rights reserved. Printed in Taiwan"


Jungle hunt, same as silver except added txt below image, "Printed in hong kong" Also a star next to the text on the end label


Asterix, same as pal, must be an earlier addition as it says 1983, also says atari INC where it should say Corp, there is also a P on the end label


Venture, looks the same as the E release except in english only


riddle of the sphinx, image is the same as the 2 N releases, however the background is pink with an extra screenshot


amidar, same as the N version, has a P printed above Amidar


bump n jump, same as telegames except the "video game cartridge etc etc" isnt just stuck on but part of the label


raiders of the lost ark, same as silver/atari, Has a p on end label after *

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I think that sounds awesome,


I own an awful lot of NTSC carts and a tonne that they do not have on this site. I think it is just way to much work for atariage to ad these all to this site and its seems maybe pal isnt readily available in the states? Funny coz i have a pretty even mixed bag of different country carts including what looks like protos or lab loaners.


Yes, lets do it!


BTW, sorry, no shirt yet


Oh, im moving interstate over the next few weeks and have had to put a few deals on hold.

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