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Question about Polaris's green label rarity guide


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I just found out and realized at the seller's statement his auction that where I bid and says rarity is 6....But I did check at the atariage's rarity guide really is 7. What up? :?


Seller's auction...





also check at atariage's rarity guide...





Hear soon



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The seller has the blue end label version which we have rated as 6. The green end label version we have rated as 7.






The "Polaris" graphic on the main label is green in both cases. Only the end label and some of the informational text is different.


Thanks Alex! :)


Recently I did email to that seller, and I will know he has blue label, beacuse of rarity guide is 6 not 7. I will hear from seller by email soon, and will post this soon.




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That's correct. Also, the blue label has four lines of text underneath the Taito logo (the word "controller" is wrapped"), the green label only has three.


We had never noticed this until an observant individual pointed it out to us (sorry, I forget who). Until then we weren't even sure if the green label was just a faded end label as happens to some games.

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That's why he is not answering my question.  :x


Yeah, me too, I havnt hear respone from the seller, but I was very happy that I did post about Polaris question, that great big benefit from between me and Alex, now I can understand clear, how thankful for this forums! :D

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I was suripsed that I won this auction Atari 2600 Tigervision Polaris (blue label)!  I did see only 15.50 ?  it supposed more money, beacuse very rare 6 out of 10??  Should I am very lucky got a good deal?  :)  



Jason :)


You should be able to get ANYTHING rated 6 or less for under $20, unless you get caught up in a ridiculous bidding war. The big bucks are really only justified for games rated 7 and up.

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