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Looking for a classic gamers group or hopeful gamers group near eastern Ky


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I have been wondering if there are any of you guys or gals in the vicinty of eastern Ky that have a group already or would like to start a classic gamers group in the area. It seems that all the groups that are known are too far for most to even attend. I could but my job won't allow the time. I can't even have a normal vacation because of my job. (Still get called because everone goes brain-dead if I'm not around). So are there any of you hard core or weekend warriors around the area? Maybe we can get enough to start a small group or heck a large group. The area can be anywhere from Cincy, OH to Parkersburg WV to Northern TN. Around 100 to 150 mile radius. I would love it to be in my back yard but I know that ain't gonna happen. So, are you out there? :ponder:

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